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Call center – support for consumers of goods and services to the Customer, consultation on goods and services, receipt of applications, claims, appeals, surveys for customer satisfaction.

Call-center – is implicit in the three values:

  • call center handling incoming and outgoing calls
  • hardware and software system that allows you to control incoming and outgoing calls
  • contact (contact center) to handle calls on all known communication channels

We offer:

Services to corporate call-center – a unit that performs the work with customers (customer service), partners, and employees through electronic communication channels.

As well as:

Rent-time operators

  • handling incoming calls
  • virtual office – secretarial services
  • taking orders over the phone
  • customer support (hotline)
  • support promotions
  • voice menus – IVR
  • outgoing calls
  • telemarketing
  • questionnaires, telephone surveys
  • updated database to send commercial proposals
  • new clients

Rent jobs

  • constant rentals workplace
  • temporary rental workplace
  • maintenance
  • leasing software

Rental equipment functionality

  • rental system IVR interactive voice menu
  • rentals functionality workplace call-center operator and supervisor call-center at the customer
  • equipment maintenance call-center
  • temporary extension of the functionality of workstation operator call-center

Our software and hardware solutions Call-centers have the following features:

  • check all incoming and outgoing calls
  • storing customer information on the history of calls from this number
  • static and intelligent routing Treatment: queuing, routing by ANI | CallerID, etc.
  • visualization workstation operator information about incoming calls and customer card
  • automated dialing
  • reflection of the state operators (busy, free, pause)
  • distribution of calls within the group by operators load and order
  • formation reports made and received calls
  • record conversations
  • quality control operators
  • planning schedules shifts operators

Addition, we offer:

  • Education and training of operators, supervisors and managers of call-center
  • Consulting in the creation, management and development of call-center
  • Audit quality and efficiency of call-center

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