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IT Outsourcing and Technical Support

IT Outsourcing and Technical Support

IT Outsourcing is using an external resources. It is strategic business tool, which allows the customer for the solution of the non-relevant tasks and use knowledge, of experience, personnel and technical resources of contractors. Allows providing flexibility of the organization and getting competitive advantage.

it outsorcingBenefits of IT of Outsourcing – is an economy of means and efficiency increase of the organization at the expense of an exception of capital investments and an expenditure of funds only for those services and in that amount which are really necessary.

You do not need to pay for the equipment, the software, it is not necessary to select, motivate, train, and reserve the personnel for the period of issue and an illness. You receive always the ready to work, updated to an actual condition, effective product – in the form of the outsourcing service it.

We have great experience and sufficient resources to provide quality IT outsourcing services

We provide:

  • Service desk – the first line of technical support
  • Call center – receiving and processing calls
  • IT staff – separate specialist or project team
  • Service of workstations
  • Comprehensive technical support for server infrastructure and information systems
  • Managing IT service and resources

We provide services:

  • In accordance with international best practices such as ITIL, Cobit.
  • Throughout Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus;
  • By more than 100 highly skilled engineers;
  • 24×7 in English and Russian languages.

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Services in IT such as Outsourcing – our specialization!

Benefits of IT of Outsourcing and technical support

The modern dynamic and changing business and its environment demand from leading companies to concentrate attention on the core business and increase operating efficiency.

According to these requirements, business sets the following tasks for an IT:

  • Fast changing of a business environment with unpredictable loadings;
  • Proper response to processes of complication of technologies;
  • Reducing operating costs and expenses on maintenance.

One of the determining moments in an efficiency evaluation of investments into information infrastructure of the company is high-quality and timely support, servicing and development. This factor allows providing compliance of IT infrastructure to business challenges of the company in the conditions of fast changing requirements and conditions of an external and internal business environment.

Today Outsourcing can become one of strategic business tools. It allows providing flexibility for adaptation in quickly changing situation and helps to change the company according to the environment flowing business, creating competitive advantage and allowing realizing strategic objectives and tasks. This service gives opportunity to concentrate efforts on the company core business and turns IT expenses into the fixed and easily predictable part of the budget.

Organizational benefits:

  • Reorganization and improvement of information processes;
  • Standardization of infrastructure;
  • Increase of efficiency of the personnel;
  • Concentration of efforts on the core business of the entity;
  • Financial responsibility of the service provider;
  • Confidentiality observance.

Service of technical support and its operational benefits:

  • Transferring fixed costs to the personnel to variable costs to quantity and quality of the consumed services – you pay only that you consume;
  • Transparency of mechanisms of cost, delivery of service and quality evaluation of services;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Accounting, optimization and costs planning;
  • Improvement of quality of services;
  • Access to new knowledge and technologies.

Outsourcing is effective for large corporations, territorially distributed companies, but also is for medium and small business.

The contract for IT outsourcing – the special document form on rendering services in all territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. We already work in many cities, such as Moscow, SPB (St. Petersburg), Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Krasnoyarsk, Voronezh, Ufa, Sochi, Cherepovets, Perm and others.

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