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Technical Support 24 x 7

Technical Support 24 x 7

Technical Support – a service aimed at eliminating and preventing problems in the operation of personal computers, office equipment, server hardware, telephony, telecommunications equipment and software.

Technical Support provides uninterrupted operation of your business by:

    • rapid elimination of any problem with the equipment and its settings,
    • assistance in setting up the software and fix software glitches,
    • advise users to use the software,
    • decrease in the number of emerging issues through the application of preventive measures,
    • rapid recovery work after a malfunction or accident.

    Composition integrated technical support

    Customer Service Desk

    • reception and check references of users;
    • initial support and advice on issues of hardware and software;
    • categorization treatment;
    • prioritization treatment;
    • primary diagnosis;
    • decision model appeals;
    • escalation of treatment;
    • subsequent control over the execution;
    • closing treatment;
    • statements.



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