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Service Desk. Help Desk

Service Desk. Help Desk

Service Desk – is the single point of contact for assistance in the form of advice, recommendations, for the quick recovery of a computer infrastructure and restore normal service customers and users. And as a means of ensuring that no request will not be lost, forgotten or ignored.

Service Desk helps to ensure customer retention and satisfaction of users. Allows you to convert your IT department into a source of innovation: the release of highly qualified personnel and its redirection to solve business problems.

When customers or users of a problem, complaint or question, they want to get an answer immediately. But even more important for them to get a result – a solution to their problems. There is nothing more annoying than the constant calls to the appropriate department or organization, when your request is sent from one employee to another, as long as you do not find the right person, at the same time hoping that now he had no lunch break, he’s not on vacation or simply left work early.

We offer service Service Desk:

  • reception and processing of all requests in English and Russian languages, 7 days a week 24 hours a day;
  • installation and maintenance of software users in the workplace;
  • advising users about the operation of computer hardware and software;
  • diagnosis and resolution or escalation of incidents on the second line;
  • control over the status of the application and provide feedback to the user;
  • interaction with hardware and software, as well as other external organizations for maintenance of equipment and software;
  • knowledge creation to address incidents;
  • formation of a database on the history of appeals (allows you to create statistics and realtime data to make proactive decisions – replacement of equipment, staff training, conflict resolution with service structures);
  • providing a single free phone number 8-800-XXX-XX-XX.

As a result:

  • Increased customer confidence and users;
  • exception reputational risks;
  • Identify customer needs and planning of new services and lines of business, according to the analysis reports;
  • Opportunity Costing and funding rationale;
  • Ability to concentrate on business development.

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Why Service Desk?

service desk servicedesk help deskService Desk service not only handles incidents, problems and issues, but also provides an interface with other activities, such as customer requests for Change, contracts for maintenance, license management, service level management, configuration management, availability management, financial management for IT Service Continuity Management and IT services.

Problems without support service Service Desk

Many technical support usually work in response to the events that have already happened, as separate groups, spending a lot of time to complete work in a hurry and just trying to stay on his feet. Many organizations can be observed the following situation:

  • no structured mechanism to support customers;
  • low trust / customer perception;
  • overbuilt customer support system;
  • low level resource management support;
  • constant work in “fighting fires” (instead of warning);
  • solution of the same problem several times, rather than to eliminate their causes;
  • based management response to failures;
  • excessive dependence on key personnel;
  • lack of focus;
  • there are not coordinated and not observable changes;
  • inability to respond to changes in business;
  • clearly defined requirements for the number of staff and labor costs;
  • impermanent quality of response to treatment and the reaction time;
  • lack of management information – decisions are based on assumptions and not based on facts. To remedy this situation, requires a single and team approach. More time is required for the planning, analysis, investigation, business, training, and work more closely with customers and users – in other words, to develop an active and structured approach to work.

Benefits of Service Desk for business and for those who provide services:

  • improving service quality and customer satisfaction, improved perception of services by users;
  • improve the quality of processing user requests;
  • decrease the processing time of user requests;
  • increase service availability through a single point of contact, communication and information;
  • use a proactive approach to the provision of services;
  • reducing the negative impact on the business;
  • gaining control over the infrastructure;
  • improve utilization of IT support staff productivity and increase business units.



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