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Technical inventory

Inventory count services

Inventory count service is an instrument that allows companies to keep proper data whether the physical existence of material assets corresponds to the recording data.

Inventory allows gaining the real performance about all company property, its exact specification/location, and comparing with what is “on balance”.
The separate activity of Zerobit Company is inventory count services of material assets, including computer/office equipment and software.

We provide

  • Material assets inventory;
  • Inventory of IT-infrastructure components;
    • Hardware and Software inventory;
    • Scanners, printers, copy machines, MFU and other peripheral devices inventory;
    • Servers and server software inventory;
    • LAN-Routers, network switches, hubs and other network elements inventory;
    • Secondary IT-resources inventory (back-up devices, uninterrupted power supplies and even electrical filters);
  • Objects labeling;
  • Recommendations development, on the further company assets maintenance;
  • Other inventory count services.

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and the qualified specialist will tell you about our offers

Apply to us and get the following advantages:

  • Work at any time that is convenient for you, including the non-working hours and weekends;
  • Flexible (according to your requirements) reports about the performed actions;
  • Personification of reporting services and formats on objects of inventory count service;
  • Further database support in actual condition.

Distinctive feature of inventory count services from the Zerobit Company is the guarantee of high quality and accuracy, and territorial distribution will not affect your company.


Why do you need the inventory count services?

  • To check whether the registered activities are equal to physically presented;
  • To correct financial accounting operations;
  • To plan expenses for equipment upgrades and expendable purchases;
  • To control the activities of responsible persons.

According to the order of the Ministry of Finance No. 34n (Russian Federation) for ensuring data accuracy of financial accounting and accounting records in the organization are obliged to carry out inventory count of property and liabilities during which are checked and documented their availability, a condition and an assessment.

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