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SCS installation

SCS installation

Types of services provided by

Installation cable runs

The installation of the cable trays are made flush mounting, including shtrobleniya walls, installation of plastic boxes on the wall of light and heavy materials (brick, concrete), installation of floor channels, installation of metal and wire trays above suspended ceilings and under raised ceiling, installation of suspended lines inside and outside the premises, drilling holes in the walls, installation of cable pits in the floors, installed in corrugated and plastic pipes.

Cabling System

The installation of the cable system carried tracing cable (unwinding, cutting), labeling, zhgutovanie, laying on all the above cable routing and an open – twisted pair cable, telephone, optical and power cable.

installation work area outlets

During the installation of the work area outlet mounting and connection sockets embedded in plastic ducts, installation of external and internal sockets on the wall as an easy one, and their heavy materials (brick, concrete), mounting racks and towers, installation of sockets and hatches in the floor .

installation wiring closets and server rooms arrangement

During the installation, wiring closets and equipment rooms are made for server rooms server room complex equipment, assembly and installation of 19-inch wall-mounted and floor cabinets, mounting cross blocks and patch panels, cable trays and organizers, installation of grounding and ventilation equipment, installation and configuration of any active and passive equipment, servers and UPS systems, switching nodes in culture and labeling.

active equipment installation

At this stage the installation of active equipment, servers, switches, UPS, PBX, CCTV and network switching nodes. Testing, certification, software installation.

In the testing phase cable system are made:

  • testing cabling system for compliance with the standards;
  • SCS certification manufacturer installed equipment;
  • compiling the technical documentation;
  • delivery of additional equipment and office equipment at the customer;
  • to install the network, office and specialized software.



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