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Virtualization – its the abstraction of computing environment at different levels of computer architecture. Possible to use virtualization at the hardware level, the application level, at the level of the operating system. Virtualization on a single physical server can run multiple operating systems as virtual machines, each of which has access to computing resources of the physical server.

Virtualization of servers and workstations to accomplish the following:

  • ensure fail-safe performance servers and workstations;
  • reduction in the time planned and unplanned downtime, and as a result, reduce financial losses during prime;
  • reducing the number of physical servers;
  • reduction of areas used to host servers;
  • reduction in electricity consumption, and as a consequence, increase the time, powered by the UPS / DSU
  • reducing the cost of air conditioning server room;
  • reduction of labor costs for each service information system;
  • provision of obsolete software systems on modern server hardware;
  • desktop virtualization ensures data integrity in case of damage or theft of the user’s workstation.

We provide the following services:

  • survey of IT infrastructure to define groups of servers and workstations, which can be transferred to a virtual environment;
  • virtualization system design to meet the requirements for performance, fault tolerance and management capabilities;
  • implementation of virtualization on the customer’s site or search for hosting virtual machines that meet the requirements of the Customer;
  • technical support embedded virtualization;
  • technical and training Systems virtualization.

The above objectives will be accomplished by us on the following virtualization platforms:

  • VMware
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Citrix



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